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Etherea by Baron Engel, colored by Shachza Etherea by Baron Engel, colored :iconshachza:Shachza 15 7 Crystal Nights and Silent Sights by Shachza Crystal Nights and Silent Sights :iconshachza:Shachza 14 11 Like a Sailor by Shachza Like a Sailor :iconshachza:Shachza 6 2 Dawn's Azurite by Shachza Dawn's Azurite :iconshachza:Shachza 18 13 Run Flitter, Run! by Shachza Run Flitter, Run! :iconshachza:Shachza 8 2 Runic Phial and his Rocks. by Shachza Runic Phial and his Rocks. :iconshachza:Shachza 6 2 Rarity Loses a Hoof by Shachza Rarity Loses a Hoof :iconshachza:Shachza 19 11 The Fall of Au. by Shachza The Fall of Au. :iconshachza:Shachza 10 4 TLaP Apartment by Shachza TLaP Apartment :iconshachza:Shachza 1 0 Slipstream by Shachza Slipstream :iconshachza:Shachza 19 13 Fleur Noire and La Licorne Vert by Shachza Fleur Noire and La Licorne Vert :iconshachza:Shachza 9 2 Insecurities by Shachza Insecurities :iconshachza:Shachza 2 0 Boxy's Walk-sy by Shachza Boxy's Walk-sy :iconshachza:Shachza 0 0 You're Not Worth Her Time by Shachza You're Not Worth Her Time :iconshachza:Shachza 14 4 Etherea on the Couch by Shachza Etherea on the Couch :iconshachza:Shachza 31 5 Sexylestia by Shachza Sexylestia :iconshachza:Shachza 694 97


Map of Equestria by gign-3208 Map of Equestria :icongign-3208:gign-3208 498 124 Golden Eye by purpletigra Golden Eye :iconpurpletigra:purpletigra 84 6 My Little pony Headcannon Example: Pegasi Anatomy by turnipBerry My Little pony Headcannon Example: Pegasi Anatomy :iconturnipberry:turnipBerry 529 63 Patreon reward, Etherea jpg by Baron-Engel Patreon reward, Etherea jpg :iconbaron-engel:Baron-Engel 75 10 NYX by leovictor NYX :iconleovictor:leovictor 151 18 Dynamic Celestia Cover by Alanquest Dynamic Celestia Cover :iconalanquest:Alanquest 640 77 mlp:fim Fun in the Sun by emeralddarkness mlp:fim Fun in the Sun :iconemeralddarkness:emeralddarkness 1,644 227 The Sun Is Tired by Sokolas The Sun Is Tired :iconsokolas:Sokolas 1,252 100 Too Soon? by OhItIsOn Too Soon? :iconohitison:OhItIsOn 944 112 Bird Wing Tutorial by TheAntimonyElement Bird Wing Tutorial :icontheantimonyelement:TheAntimonyElement 16,307 2,623 Innocence by LimreiArt Innocence :iconlimreiart:LimreiArt 5,238 494 Midnight in Canterlot by Noben Midnight in Canterlot :iconnoben:Noben 3,634 290


Etherea by Baron Engel, colored
So, a while back a very nice and wonderful person- *cough*:iconarcticgryph0n:*cough* was kind enough to request the great Baron Engel do a sketch of my character Etherea.  After I got done fangasming, I dutifully requested that I be allowed to colorize her.  Baron Engel's a nice guy, so violà!  There she be!  (As though I didn't spend months distracted by other things...)

See!  Etherea makes even vehement disagreement with your Serat'yen's inability to properly project a spell look good!  Either that, or it's gas.  (Don't let her know you might know though; that's how you perturb a princess.)

I tried a number of new things, like selected highlights and screen glow (totally not happy about that one).  But I didn't want to cover up any of Engel's detailing though, so I tried to keep it to simply enhancing what he'd done.  I think it turned out pretty well.

The character may be mine, but the drawing is all :iconbaron-engel:'s.  The original can be found here: 
Patron reward, Etherea
Posted with his express permission.

Thanks Baron!
Crystal Nights and Silent Sights
"After the events of "Memoirs of a Royal Guard" and "Crystal's Wishes," Crystal finds herself wishing for more.  She doesn't want just anything; she wants a foal from the noble Sir Silent Knight.  Sir Knight doesn't quite feel ready, and he greatly fears of tainting himself with such advances.  But Crystal is determined, practicing her seductive talents to encourage the good knight, leading them both inexorably into more and more scandalous situations.  But as dark as some may get, perhaps its not all bad.

Sometimes dark is exciting."

Okay, now I know y'all are horribly confused at this point.  It would be a really dick more to leave things like that, right?



It's not a real story.  Once again, I was inspired to do another stupid and silly doodle based on some commentary.  Pulled straight from an in-story fan interaction, this idea was born.  Because as great as fans are to have (I love 'em too!), sometimes they take our creations to strange places.

Based on a specific conversation in Crystal Wishes' story Crystal's Hopes.  Features the titular characters from the paired stories written by her and her husband.

Mechanical Pencil
Like a Sailor
So, this...


This is where maximum adorable meets dirty reality.  We've all known that Silver Glow isn't as innocent as she sounds, but then "naive," silly Silver goes an out-curses the hard-playin', hard-drinkin', hard-f***in' Cayenne.  She doesn't do it out of anger, or jealousy, or anything.  No, Cayenne throws down first and Silver bucks up, turning this wake up call into an early morning arm-wrestling competition made of words you shouldn't ever say around yo' momma.

Because ponies don't take no **** from nobody, and it's the cute ones you gotta' watch out for...

This is another arting that was inspired by a My Little Pony fanfiction.  This time my friend Admiral Biscuit over on is the culprit, with his story "Silver Glow's Journal."  Silver Glow is an exchange student on Earth and... things happen.  Just go read it if you aren't already.

Silver Glow, Aquamarine, and Cayenne are property of Hasbro.  They're actually previous gen characters or background characters.  Biscuit is cool like that.
Silver Glow's Journal is, well, Biscuit's of course.

Mechanical Pencil and Photoshop
They need a couple more minutes

S: "Eeeeeee!  Sleepover!  This is so exciting!  I've always wanted to be part of a group mane-doing.  I've been practicing my braiding.  Actually, not really; it's for a whole different thing, but the theory is the same so I imagine it'll be useful here too.  And then we can talk about stallions, or mares in my and Winters' case - hope it's okay if I call you Winters too - and then we can move on to-"

WS: "Who the hay are you, and how did you get in here?!"

S: "Um..."

WS:  "This is a mares-only sleepover bub, now git!"


CW: "Hee hee, Winter, this wine... is really working!"

WS: "heeee, what do you mean?"

CW: "There's a stallion here!  *hic*"

WS: "Oh my goshhh I wasn't going to say anything but I see him toooo!"

CW: "*giggle*"

WS: "*giggle*"

S: "Soo... when you say Au will get here bright and early... how early are we talking about?"  *hugs pillow, squeeing*


WS: *dramatic gasp*  "Oh, my gorsh!  Do you, like, have a thing for Golden?!  That's soooo cute!"  *hic*

CW: "Hey, hey, hey, hey... hey...  Y'know what we should totally do?"

WS: *blink blink*  "Oh!  We could totally introduce them!"

CW: "No.  I mean yes, but no!"  *sway*  "We can't just introduce them!"  *furiously smooshes forehooves together - clop, clop*  "We need to make him per...  purr...?  Preper...  Persentible first!"

WS: "Yes!"

*both mares look over, sporting massive grins*

S: "Wait, ladies, how about we discuss this first.  Do you even have any stallion-care products?"

*chorus*  "Nope!"


The moral of the story?  Friends don't let friends engage in late-night posting shenanigans.  Because then I'm obligated to draw follow-up sketches!  And pretty hair, apparently.

Just something stupid that, again, was inspired by Crystal Wishes, one of my friends over at Quill and Blade.

Mechanical Pencil

...I changed my journal to something new, eh?  Well...  Umm...  How about I come back to it later?  Yeah, I'll do that.
...I changed my journal to something new, eh?  Well...  Umm...  How about I come back to it later?  Yeah, I'll do that.



Artist | Student | Varied
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"When dragons in our hearts do fly, is it not right that we should also?"

The next best thing to uploading animations on DA? Linking to Youtube! Since nothing I have will be long enough.
Cranes in a Workshop - My biggest and best 3D animation to date.
My Channel

As I'm so fond of telling everyone:

I'm the slowest artist ever! Unfortunately my brain arts faster than the rest of me can. So, things to do:

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